Havetz – Trotsar Movement The 6-0 victory was the highest score

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Havetz – Trotsar Movement The 6-0 victory was the highest score.

Today Arsenal did not send Jorginho into the middle of the field like in the game against Liverpool. For fitness reasons, Leandro Trotsar came on as the starter and Kai Havetz played in a similar style, switching up front and behind the striker. Or it can torn to the side, similar to having a free role that alternates between attacking and defending. Trotsar looks very suitable for playing through the ball. or inserted up to open the door Plus he has the timing to place long balls accurately. While Havetz emphasized that the area where he is suitable is the area behind the striker. and is the connector for the above games It depends on how well each game will do. But here he play well. This is what we’ve seen from many games since moving here.

It shows two players who have been with the team for about a year Havetz. With less than a year to go, there are still many “potentials” That the team can use to benefit the team. As for how much it will continue and maintain good standards. According to ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com

The Hammers were shattered defensively.

While Arsenal received a lot of acclaim. The home team could only accept defeat as they were lax in terms of performance. and concentration in this game But the most important thing is the matter of the “mental” condition. That is extremely problematic, especially losing 2 goals in the second half. Even though it was a beautiful goal, But the home team’s defense was too easily penetrated in this game.

The “victory” that became a new record for Arsenal

Arsenal’s 6-0 win was Arsenal’s biggest away win so far Havetz. Since playing in the Premier League since the league name was changed in 1992

However, this victory It’s still their second-biggest win, behind the 7-0 thrashing they had in the game against. Middlesbrough (2005-2006), Everton (2004-2005). The equivalent of a 6-0 thrashing of Blackpool in 2010-11, all of which came in Arsenal’s home games. According to ทางเข้า ufabet