Schulz Kunde is not even involved in playing at right-back.

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Schulz Kunde insists he does not feel uncomfortable despite playing at right-back in his first two games at Barcelona. ​​But admits he prefers playing at centre-back.

New Barcelona defender Jules Kunde appeared at his first press conference. With coach Xavi Hernandez ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League group-stage clash against Victoria Pilsen. This with the Frenchman insisting that playing at the right-back of Azul Grana doesn’t make him feel uncomfortable at all. Although he prefers playing at centre-back. According to a report from ‘Dirio Sport’ on Tuesday. 

Kunde made a name for himself as an outstanding centre-back during his three-year career with Sevillano, before Barcelona spent the summer in the summer, but the young defender The 23-year-old played at right-back in his first two games against Real Valladolid and Sevilla UFABET

Schulz Kunde told.

‘I’m feeling good, there are things I definitely need to improve. This position didn’t make me uncomfortable. But everyone knows that my position is center back. And I like the center back more. But if the trainer wants me there I have no problem.’

Barcelona signed right-back Hector Bellerin the 27 year old on the final day of the summer transfer window and, with Bellerin’s fit, Gunde believes it will give him the opportunity to play in his position. more good 

‘I would say it’s true. because he plays the position of right-back And he is a solution for trainers. And then the coach will decide.’ the 23-year-old said.

When asked if what Xavi Hernandez demanded of him was different from what Sevillan head coach Julen Lopetegui once wanted from him. 

‘He asked me to do something different from what I did at Sevilla, but in my essence. I brought the same thing. Every time I can share to bring something better to the team. and play with aggression in the defensive game and leading the team It’s very important to shout orders. Especially in my position to keep all my teammates on the same wave,’ said Gunde.